Co-Founder / CEO

A tamper-proof, take-home mini pill dispenser that allows for over-the-air monitoring and management of prescribed medication powered by Google's Cloud Platform.

images/pillbot/pillbot-black.gif PillBot on Fox NewsPillBot in the news... Entreprenuership

MIT Launch Program (12% acceptance rate)

Built, pitched, and sold LaunchIn AppStore.png to MIT for $500. Launched PayLoc Project (now corporation), an HR Solutions Company.

MIT Launch Career Oriented

Co-Founder PayLoc.ioHR & Payroll Services

Extending beyond MIT Launch, my team is onboarding larger customers with multiple employees per site starting with selectHoliday Inn and Best Western hotels, offering an intelligent scheduler & payroll mgmt solution.

To eliminate the monthly cost of a time clock service and to allow for multiple employees to clock-in and clock-out simultaneously from their actual work site, geofencing mobile apps for both AppStore.png and Android.png platforms was developed.

A scalable in-house developed node.js backend system linked to a redundant backend database supports the automation on Microsoft's Azure Cloud. Third party apis and extensions are leveraged to handle PCI, messaging and payroll check printing / direct deposit operations.

Scheduler.png Entreprenuership

Recruited as Application Reader & Mentor to High School Teams

Review MIT Launch program applications-evaluate videos & portfolios, write assessments. Appointed to mentor LaunchX schools in the Seattle region

MIT Work (Paid)

Stanford images/fablearn.png
Conference Presenter for 3yrs

Developed/Exhibited projects: 3D Printing Auto Bed-Leveler, Cellular based Missing Child/Elderly Alert bracelet, and a cloud connected real-time Fridge monitor. Gained positive traction.

images/stanforded.png Computer/Technology

Founder/President, IntelliNinja LLC, $4500+ earned

Contracted Web design ($500/site), 3D printing custom design service, develop & maintain and upgrade Google Play & iOS apps.

A couple of the published apps not cross-licensed to other entities include the following.

IntelliAmplifier and
Learn more here...IntelliNinja Entrepreneurship