PennApps XVIII

World's Largest Collegiate Hackathon

Top 5 Award out of 200+ Teams

1st Place: Best Healthcare Hack Learn more

PennApps XVIII-1st Place:Healthcare

Rothberg Catalyzer

2nd Place

Cloud-Driven 'Controlled Substances' Dispenser

Rothberg Catalyzer Presentation
2nd Place + Subsequent Awards

Weiss Tech House

2nd Place-Elevator Pitch

2nd Place - VC Elevator Pitches

Social Ventures Partners

1st Place-HS Track + Other Open Category Wins

Placing First in the High School track, as well as other category awards, winning $4000 overall! Read more about it at the links below!

Seattle Times
SVP Featured Finalist.
SVP Stage
SVP Final Showdown Winners
1st Place + Wins in other categories

Youth Apps Challenge

Winner - 2 Years in a row

Won at Youth Apps Challenge two years in a row. Learn more

Youth Apps Challenge Winner

Awarded Summit Diplomat at the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, 2016

Presented onsite at NASA in Florida to present IntelliSplash to fellow innovators, former astronauts, and investors. Learn more

Conrad-Summit Diplomat

President/Founder-LaunchX Club


I wanted to share what I learned at MIT Launch with my school and bring entrepreneurship to my fellow schoolmates across all grade levels. Recruiting my fellow club leaders, Fatuma Omar & Elena Wagenmans, we have a record number of student participants capped at 80 students with a waiting list. I work on curriculum and present every Thursday as they formed a dozen different teams, each forming their own companies.

Lakeside LaunchX Club President/Founder

Founder-Makers Club

2016 | 2017 | 2018

We are fortunate enough to have a few 3D printers in our compsci classroom. However with a change in staff, these resources were to be put in storage. I petitioned my school to create a Maker Space, which I help maintain. Additionally I formed a Maker Club, raising funds (pics below) to help fund these efforts.

Converting an old XBox360 Kinect to attach to my MacBook to Scan/Render my French Teacher in 3D...

Jazz - Saxophone

I often enjoy playing the saxophone and being part of Lakeside's Jazz Band in the past. I auditioned and qualified into this highly exclusive band my senior year. Unfortunately, the only session of Honors Calc-Based Physics conflicts with the Lakeside Jazz Band schedule. However to hear some of my works, please listen below...

Jazz Band | Alto Sax

Video Presenter | Pioneer Mentoring

2015 | 2016 | 2017

Three years in a row, my videos were chosen as the only high school video entries at the college videos level educator's pavilion and were displayed during the prestigious SIGGRAPH convention in California. Additionally I was selected for the Pioneer Mentoring Program multiple years in a row.

Video Presenter | Siggraph Pioneer Mentoring


2015 | 2016 | 2017

Presented at Stanford's FabLearn Conference three years in a row. Shared and took what I learned with me to Hamomi's Children Centre, including Stanford Professor Manu Prakash's Foldscopes now being used with my guidance in the Kangemi slums of Nairobi, Kenya.


2015 Hackathon, Palo Alto,CA

After a straight 48 hours of scrambling to form teams, pivoting and nonstop coding (with occasional naps under our table), our small team of 3 developed a self-teaching solution to train students the basics of computing which I later taught/delivered to the students of Hamomi Children's Centre in the Kangemi Slums of Nairobi, Kenya. It is still being used there today!


Exhibitor-Various MakerFaires

2015 | 2016 | 2017

- NWAIS MakerFest
- Seattle Maker Faire(s)

The Maker Community has always been a big part of my life where I share/present my ideas with others. This is also a great way to learn and meet like minded students and professionals! I often use Maker Events for enlightenment, to test the waters on new ideas and foster connections with the community, whether it's a smaller or a bigger event!

Maker Faires Exhibitor

2015-2016 PSCSTA Hackathon

The Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association (PSCSTA) Hackathons gave me a unique perspective on teamwork as we all had to share my one laptop with no internet connectivity allowed, finishing in the Top Ten category. One thing I highly recommend when you have to work 'offline' (or have really crappy wifi) is leveraging DocSets for any number of programming languages and libraries. One of my favorite tools for managing DocSets is Dash, though there are others for different platforms, such as Velocity and Zeal. Hackathons are great opportunities to collaborate as a team.

PSCSTA Hackathons

Recruited as Application Reader &
Mentor to Seattle Area High Schools

As a paid employee of MIT, I review MIT Launch X program applications-evaluate videos & portfolios and write assessments.
I am also a MIT LaunchX appointed mentor for various Launch X Club Schools in the Seattle region.

MIT Appointed Mentor - Seattle Area High Schools