A tamper-proof, take-home mini pill dispenser that allows for over-the-air monitoring and management of prescribed medication powered by Google Cloud Platform and mentioned on News.
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IntelliAmplifier allows a user wearing headphones to hear the sound around them at a much greater volume. This app can function as a hearing aid or simple audio amplifier. It also incorporates a near real-time Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Spectrum Analyzer. Learn More!

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Formerly known as IntelliH2O, IntelliSplash(tm) is a water purity tester and tracker device that connects via bluetooth to an Arduino device.
Opt-in anonymous crowd-sourced data logging can be enabled to help build water quality mappings in future releases.
Best-Fit Least Squares approximation was leveraged to convert Arduino measurements to Total-Dissolved Solids (TDS) in Parts-per-Million.
It has been featured by GeekWire, Seattle Times and mentioned by Bill Gates.

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PayLoc Solution

(mobile app + backend cloud solution)

PayLoc aims to make traditional punchcards obsolete by allowing employees to be able to clock in and out of their shifts using only their smartphone via the PayLoc Mobile App. The app utilizes geofencing technology to ensure that each request made in the app is both authentic and secure.

The backend is tied to a node.js based backend. In-house developed scheduling algorithms tied to a redundant database drive the logic behind PayLoc. 3rd party APIs are leveraged to handle PCI data, check printing and direct deposit tasks. Learn More!

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IntelliBorder is a geofencing iPhone app connected via a wifi hotspot to an Arduino Device. Simply place the device with your child or in their backpack, and you can set a radius and location in the iPhone app.
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IntelliFridge proactively monitors your freezer and refrigerator for optimal efficiency and indicates if there's a risk of spoilage or frost damage to your groceries. Additionally, if there's a power failure, it will track the state of your refrigerated and frozen goods if they’re at risk of spoilage.
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IntelliDoor is an iPhone-controlled Biometric secret door. It is the back wall to a closet, secured by a powerful magnetic lock. Simply open the app on your phone to unlock the door once it scans your fingerprint (older phones) or face ID (iPhone X), leveraging the platform's biometrics capabilities and the door will open. Learn More!

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LaunchIn was commissioned by Laurie Stach, director of MIT Launch. After completing the app's main features overnight and refining it over the course of a week, MIT purchased the app for $500 from what would become the PayLoc Team. Learn More!

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Auto Bed Leveler for a 3D Printer

The Auto Bed Leveler arm for the Prusa I3 3D printer tests all four corners of the build platform and can print on very uneven plates. Custom designing the servo mount to fit my printer. Creative alternatives were needed to add the additional servo onto the Arduino board with no additional PWM servo ports available. Additional coding work was also required to leverage the non-standard port used and to handle the leveling given the base assumption that the glass surface was linear across all dimensions. Learn More!

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Rube-Goldberg Machine

The Rube Goldberg Machine starts out simple: over several custom-designed 3D printed tracks, marbles cascade down into a sliding container connected to a paperclip on a metal clip. Once the paperclip is separated from the metal, the Arduino triggers a pouring cup to disperse water to a container. When two metal wires detect a current flowing through them (conducted by the wire), the elevator raises. Various calculations from mass, friction, angle, initial/final velocities, etc.. were taken into account to mathematically predict the outcomes. Learn More!

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